5 Different Types Of Watches Available In The Market

With the advancement of technology across the world, more and more types of watches have appeared on the market. To avoid being overwhelmed by the many choices, it is key to understand the qualities of the most common watch varieties.

The five most common types of watches include field, dive, pilot, racing and dress watches. One way to narrow down your search for the ideal watch is by looking at the main characteristics of each of the watch types.

1. Dress

One reason many people wear watches is to look presentable. Dress watches are compact, tasteful and crisp. Furthermore, they are made to be light and thin, given that they must be able to fit into the sleeve of a dress shirt.

Some dress watches are also chronographs, meaning that they double as stopwatches. Ball Watch timepieces are a prime example of this, excelling in both elegance and functionality. If you are looking for a watch to frequently wear to formal occasions, a simple but refined watch design would be a good fit for you. An example of such a watch would be a Romago Swiss watch, known for its iconic skeleton design that exudes luxury.

2. Field

The popularity of field watches rose steadily after the role they played in coordinating attacks in both World War I (WWI) and World War II (WWII). Since timing was crucial, soldiers had to be equipped with a highly accessible wristwatch.

As such, field watches were designed to be rather minimalist, with easy-to-read dials. They were also made of durable materials. Indeed, they are still prized for their reliability today, though many now include other useful features as well.

3. Pilot

Pilot watches came about as a result of increased air combat in WWI and WWII. They were initially made to suit pilots, with features such as an easily readable face, a large case, and large crown. Today, these qualities have become more of an aesthetic design choice, rather than a practical one.

Visually, one could confuse this type of watch with a field watch, but upon closer inspection, pilot watches tend to be more complicated. Case in point, pilot watches are usually chronographs and contain a rotating bezel.

4. Dive

Dive watches are made to cater to the needs of divers, who sometimes experience harsh conditions underwater. The main draw of this type of watch is that it can withstand water pressure, shock and corrosion. Also, they have a beautiful design with an eye-catching bezel and a sporty look.

5. Racing

Compared to other types of watches, racing watches are typically flashier and full of information. To cater to racers’ needs, these watches usually contain a tachymeter, which is a feature that converts time into speed.

They also tend to be chronograph watches, adding further functionality. If you deal with speed-based calculations, engage in racing, or simply love the racing culture, this type of watch is a good fit for you.


Now that you have a better understanding of the various types of watches available on the market, you will be able to make an informed decision on the ideal watch for yourself! Don’t forget to not only think about the aesthetics, but also the practical considerations when making your choice.

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