Get Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally For Your Well-Being

Don’t be surprised, but fabrics and textiles are some of the materials that can carry a massive amount of dirt, bacteria and germs despite looking pristine and well-maintained. This is especially so for carpets that are placed in high traffic areas. Just imagining all the dirt, dust and dead skin cells clinging to its fibres is enough to give you a scare.

As with any other types of floorings, it is important that you take proper care and maintenance for your carpet. Proper carpet cleaning doesn’t stop at just biweekly vacuum habits, but you’ll need to also engage in professional services every once in a while. Periodic carpet cleaning can make a significant difference in not only your health, but also other’s. Here are 3 top health benefits of having your carpet cleaned.

Removes Trapped Pollutants

According to a study done by the Environmental Protection Agency, a dirty carpet is home to several sources of allergens and pollutants, including cockroach allergens, particle pollution and dust, amongst many other things. These allergens and pollutants are, unfortunately, susceptible to toxic airborne gases that can get caught up in the fabric, only to be released when one walks across the carpet or when one does daily activities such as vacuuming.

As such, vacuuming is not the end all be all, as it cannot remove the trapped pollutants that are having an adverse effect on your health. What vacuuming can’t do, your carpet cleaning specialists can. They’re not only equipped with the practical know-how to kill the harmful bacteria that exist within the fabric, but they can also remove any trapped allergens and pollutants.

Mould Prevention

Common and deadly, mould is a common allergen that can easily wreak havoc in your home and your office spaces. On top of the moisture and spills that aren’t entirely and directly dried, Singapore’s humid weather provides the perfect conditions for mould to grow on the dirt and debris that get stuck inside your carpet. By removing these build-ups, you can significantly lower your risk of asthma, mould-induced allergens and other types of respiratory ailments. Furthermore, it’ll reduce any development and learning inhibitions that have been linked to moulds in a child’s learning environment.

With the help of the professionals and their high-powered carpet washing tools, you can completely eliminate the moulds that may compromise your health.

Dust Mites Prevention

It is no secret that all homes carry dust mites. Due to their microscopic size, these nasty critters are almost impossible to spot. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if they don’t endanger, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Whilst they don’t cause allergies all on their own, they do leave desiccated body parts and faeces, which can be easily be carried by air.

Engaging with a cleaning company will ensure that these dangerous insects don’t pose a threat to your health.

We usually associate carpets with beauty and luxury, but don’t let it be the cause of your health issues. On top of cleaning your carpet regularly on your own, having these beauties professionally cleaned should also be taken into consideration.

Engage with a company you trust and survey the carpet cleaning services they offer in their repertoire. Discuss with these experts on the appropriate cleaning measures and which suits your needs the best.

The health benefits of a clean carpet go beyond beauty. Revel in long-term health benefits just by cleaning your carpets regularly.

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