The Variety of Gift Hampers: Which Type Should You Give?

Gift hampers make different gifts for so many occasions worldwide. We have different types of gift hampers that can be presented to different types of people depending on the occasion.

If you have a special occasion coming up and you do not know what to offer the person, then below are the different types of gift hampers Singapore available.

Comfort Hamper

When you are no longer with a person, then you can choose to send them a care package which may include food and fruits. This shows that you are giving them the comfort and moral support that they require during this hard time.

Fruit Hampers

A fruit filled basket is the best gift to give your loved one who is very keen on their diet. It can include apples, grapes and even mangoes and tangerines.

Wine Basket

Wine is always a symbol of celebrations. If you’re loved one or colleague are celebrating their anniversary, or even a promotion at work and you are wondering what to get them. Then a wine basket is the best way to express that you are sharing in joy with them.

Flower Gifts

Flowers are always a symbol of love and care. It is the type of present that never gets old when you gift someone. It is a way of expressing your emotions and feelings to your family members and friends. Different colors of flowers have different meaning and they are presented on different occasions.

Chocolate hampers

This is a gift best suited for the women in your life. You can put different kind of cookies, cakes and chocolate and mix it up. This type of basket will put smiles on their faces.

The various types of gift hampers can be mixed up and packed in a creative manner to suit any kind of occasion available. You can even get a baby hamper Singapore.

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