Entertain Your Wedding Guests With These 6 Fun Ideas

In the past, wedding ceremonies were both simple and straightforward, where the wedding reception would be held after the formal ceremony. However, times have changed and these days, weddings entail so much more.

Couples have started to up their game to ensure their wedding is memorable not just for them, but for their guests as well. Here are six other ways to host a fun wedding to remember. 


Magic appeals to both the young and old. Few things are as entertaining as magic. Magicians tend to have a special way that keeps guests on the edge of their seats, especially if the tricks involve your guests. Be it an outdoor wedding in Singapore or a formal wedding banquet, hiring a skilled magician is sure to entertain your guests. 

Photo booths

Photo booths have been trending in the wedding scene and it’s not difficult to see why. They keep guests entertained and provide them instant keepsakes to bring home. Photo booths also come with several features. While some allow you to create an album with the photos taken on the actual day, others include a video message feature for guests to visually and verbally wish you. You can request to stream the videos as soon as they are taken as a secondary form of entertainment or watch it after your big day. Think of it as a video book instead of the usual old-school guest book.   

Bouncy castles 

Have the ultimate #throwback moment at your wedding with bouncy castles. Bouncy castles are the perfect way to entertain your mini-guests at an outdoor wedding. Don’t be surprised to see the adults jumping along! Not only are they fun, but bouncy castles are also great for unique wedding photo ops.

Dessert tables

A memorable wedding isn’t only about unique entertainment. Sometimes modifying the usual, a dessert table in this case, might just be sufficient. Have your dessert table filled with mouthwatering treats, displayed in a unique way. This way your guests will have a treat for both their eyes and stomach. Additionally, with a dessert table, you can opt for a smaller wedding cake as well!

Celebrity hosts

One way to really make your wedding a memorable one is to hire your favourite celebrity as a host or to perform. It’ll be a one-of-a-kind treat for both your guests and you. However, do remember that your favoured celebrity might have prior commitments and might not be available. Additionally, you will need to keep your budget in mind as well.

Unique guest books 

For a truly memorable wedding, don’t hesitate to include your own style and personality as much as possible. Instead of the usual guest book, consider including a polaroid wall for guests to take a photo of themselves with their wishes to you and stick them on the wall. Interactive and unique additions like this allow guests to feel more involved and appreciated. Plus, you get cool wedding day keepsake as well. You may even choose to frame the polaroids in one huge frame to display in your home.

Remember, your wedding is all about your spouse and you. Whether it’s fun with a celebrity or with you, your guests are bound to have a good time! 

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